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Creative Faux Finishes

Todd and Lynn Cranor were both born and raised in Lakeland, Florida.
Both have been associated with art in one form or another for over 20 years.
Active in their community and church they started painting bible stories on canvases
for missionaries, this allowed the missionairies to pack the stories into their
suit-cases and take back to their countries.
The Cranor's have their art work in mexico, africa and in the southern united states.
This opened the door for the Todd and Lynn to start
painting children's themes for churches.
As one job leads to another they were contracted to design and complete a
six million dollar childrens church facility in Ft. Myers Florida.
While in Ft. Myers they were contacted by a high-end builder to faux finish
a multi million dollar house in cape coral. This was their first large scale
faux finishing job and Creative Faux Finishes was born.
Since then Todd and Lynn have been training in schools across
the United States to perfect their craft.
Most recently, they were contracted by South Eastern University
to faux finish and paint the murals in the new 7 million dolllar cafeteria.
They currently are working for the University on several other projects.
Todd and Lynn continuely look for ways to better serve their clients.
Creative Faux Finishes is certifiied in several different product lines and
in fact is the distributor of those same lines.
The company has expanded to custom stencil designs and currently have opened
an internet store to sell those designs to other artists throughout the nation.
Please don't hesitate to call for references or
possible tours of some of their completed work.

Todd Cranor

(863) 860.2026

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Creative Faux Finishes